River Market Memory(s)

It seems like a million years ago since these were taken...though, they're just over a week old.
 I met up with my pal Memory at the River Market downtown for an exchange of goods and some picture playtime.

She purchased this feather headband from me. You see, I've had better luck selling to the locals through my Facebook. I would've updated the Etsy shop, but meeting up with people I know seemed much more appealing and less troublesome this time around. There's nothing like meeting up with friends for food and conversation (and money!) I've made about $100 selling my goods (even doing transactions while I was on the clock at Half of Half!). 
Oh well, mo' monies for Spain!

This is what I wore. 
It's much too hot for jeans, but I had to swap out when I went to work later that day. 
->Nude Cardi, Clearance - Charlotte Russe
-> Striped Cami, $1 - Thrifted
-> High-waisted Denim Shorts, $3 - Thrifted
->Fat Man Face Pendant, DIY - Upcycled Eyeglass Lens
->Brown Oxfords, $4 - Thrifted
->Leopard Print Scarf worn as Turban Wrap, Thrifted

This is Memory. Ain't she purdy?

We spotted these kiddos splashing around in the spraying fountains near the playground. 
It's a great way to keep cool and immediately we decided to join in on the fun!

I kept squealing from the sudden bursts of water splashing around me. 
Memory did a really good job of capturing the moment because every photo she took of me had me flailing about like a dork. 
Seriously though, I look like a total pansy...but it was so worth it!

Of course, Memory needed a good splash as well. Getting soaked is the ideal way to keep cool in the hot Southern sunshine. 
I mean, the lil' kiddos definitely know what's up!

We had also ventured around the shops in downtown, looking for knickknacks and doodads. 
I picked up a book featuring the Pictorial History of Little Rock for my Spanish host family
 as well as two Natural State pins for my host-brother and host-sister. 
I think pins are neat, let's just hope they think likewise!

Memory picked up this Arkansas Razorback snout for her host family in Austria. 
It's very becoming!

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