Skirt Switch Up

 Alright, so I've already worn this skirt fairly recently...but I couldn't resist wearing it as a dress.
Arkansas is apparently experiencing a heat wave this week (you mean, it gets worse?).
The temperatures are to hit past 100. Bleh. Bare shoulders help, but I threw on the vest for coverage.

Ignore the nasty fire ant bite on my foot.
Instead, focus on the lovely sandals that I scored at Savers earlier this summer.
Vintage leather. Hunt Club. My size. All for a tune of a mere 3 bucks!

Skirt & Men's Vest, Goodwill// Belt, Wolfe Street//Sandals & Necklace, Savers//Feather Earrings, DIY

I wore this out yesterday for some Tokyo House with friends.
(Sushi buffet. Oh mah gawddd. It's amazing!)
Surprisingly, I did not pass out from a food coma as soon as I got back home.
The heat will make it hard for me not to give in to my daily uniform of cutoffs and a ratty t-shirt.

When can it cool down? I want layers!
Until next time, ♥.


WTF is Moombahton?

Moombahton: Birthed by Dave Nada when he didn't want to freak out Brown kids at a high school party by playing some electro about a year ago. To compromise, he slowed down Afrojack's "Moombah" track so that it reached reggaeton-like qualities. Of course, the Brown people went cray-cray and a new genre in the electro scene was born! 
Being Brown myself, I freaking fell in love with this new movement.  

For those that are just now hearing about Moombahton, here's a pretty fantastic crash course in the genre for your listening pleasure (created by The Boy, himself). Download it (for FREE) and spread the love!

Have a wonderful weekend!
I'll be dancing my little heart out.
Until next time, ♥.


Stripes and Pleats

 Sunday's outfit. Didn't do anything in particular.
Spent the day watching soccer matches and trying my hand at knitting.

 Found the tank in the little boy's section. 
I originally wore it to climb Pinnacle a while back.

Skirt and tank, Savers// Necklace, estate sale// Oxfords, Steinmart
I bought the skirt way back last fall. 
It was part of my Hogwarts uniform that I wore for the first half of the seventh film.
Who all went to the midnight premiere? FREAKING AWESOME.
Walking out of the theater, I realized that I just bid adieu to that final part of my childhood.
Crazy. I've been reading the books since the fourth grade!
Oh well, that is life.

Until next time, ♥.


Etsy Shop Update: Belts Belts Belts!

I just added a bevy of belts to the shop.
Check them out!

Have a nice weekend!
Until next time, ♥.


Gypsy Garb

 I decided to treat myself to some thrifting after a successful weekend at the Town Pump.
I have pictures from the first ever EtsyLR event, so those will be posted sometime soon.
(As you can tell, I keep dropping the ball when it comes to blogging)

 I've been working on various small projects that I've been meaning to do for ages.
For example, yesterday I went to a knitting/ice cream social and learned how to knit!
Mind you, not very well...but it's a start.

Skirt & Hat, Goodwill// Wedges, Savers// Wolf Tank, XXI
So about this outfit: I discovered the skirt (half off!) at Goodwill.
I've been wanting to try out the longer lengths and decided to give this one a whirl.
It's kind of sheer which requires me to have some bike shorts on underneath.
I can also hike it up and belt it for an instant dress! You've got to love multi-purpose garments.

I'm close to selling out of merchandise on Etsy! I really need to do a shop update.
First, I need to find the time. Ahhhh, summer.

Until next time, ♥.


Muster Some Motivation

 I've been seriously slacking lately. Two posts a week, what? My bad.
Ah, life will do that to you. Anyways, I seem to have found some motivation!

 It's been probably a year since I made these upcycled eyeglass lens pendants.
I made a batch of 11 today using images from recycled magazine pages.

Ain't it lovely to be green?

So, why the craft binge all of a sudden?
Well, you can definitely say that money is a motivating factor.
This Saturday I'm participating in a EtsyLR pilot event.

If you happen to be in Little Rock that day, I highly suggest that you stop by The Town Pump.
And, if you stop sure to say hi!

Each vendor is also donating a raffle item. 
The proceeds will be donated to the THEA Foundation.
I'm giving away this Lomography Fisheye camera and film.

I'll be updating the Etsy shop this week, so keep an eye out.
Until next time, ♥. 


Some Necessary Remixing

 I've been on a self-imposed shopping ban this summer.
Thrifting has been at the bottom of my priorities. 
Ah, bills. Ah, responsibilities. Ahhh, adulthood.
Anyways, it just means that I have to be a little more creative with my closet!
Of course, this leads to some interesting outfit remixes.

Blouse, Salvation Army//Dress, H&M in Spain//Shoes, Savers
All last week (and part of this week) was spent doing worksite evaluations for my job.
These visits require me to dress appropriately (or risk not being taken seriously).
Okay, so many my dresses are slightly on the short side, but at least I'm not wearing my cut-offs!
Part of me really enjoys trying to figure out fresh combinations with already-loved pieces...
but then again, I really want to attack the thrift haunts to my little heart's content. Sighhh.

Anybody have some good get-rich-quick-schemes that they'd like to enlighten me on?
Until next time, ♥.


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