...that is exactly how my friend described this photo.
I was so relieved when the Euros finally came in, although I didn't approve of the postman just leaving the envelope hiding underneath the doormat. Anyways, I was worried that I had been conned. You see, I ordered the Euros through some website I found online. I did my best to make sure it wasn't sketchy, but part of me was still skeptical and wouldn't rest until I had the Euros in my possession. 
My little sister took this one and this is my sad attempt to don the Euros as a Spanish fan. Oh well. The anticipation is killing me, I am so ready to jet off to Europe. 
Here is a shotty cell-phone photo. I went to Barnes & Noble to purchase a Spanish book worthy of cramming for the plane ride and decided at the last minute to buy a book of short stories in Spanish by Marquez. (He's my favorite. Everyone should read 100 Years of Solitude!) I'm not looking forward to cramming in all the Spanish grammar rules and what seems like the billion ways to conjugate a verb. However, it sure beats being placed in a 2000-level course. I leave on Wednesdayyyyy! 

Paige Turner  – (June 25, 2010 at 6:43 PM)  

I love your blog! It's so fun and random... And you my dear are just adorable!

And have fun in Spain! I am so very jealous...


April  – (June 26, 2010 at 10:38 PM)  

Ahhh, I need to get some Euros before September. You just reminded me, though I'm unsure how I could forget.

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