Some Necessary Remixing

 I've been on a self-imposed shopping ban this summer.
Thrifting has been at the bottom of my priorities. 
Ah, bills. Ah, responsibilities. Ahhh, adulthood.
Anyways, it just means that I have to be a little more creative with my closet!
Of course, this leads to some interesting outfit remixes.

Blouse, Salvation Army//Dress, H&M in Spain//Shoes, Savers
All last week (and part of this week) was spent doing worksite evaluations for my job.
These visits require me to dress appropriately (or risk not being taken seriously).
Okay, so many my dresses are slightly on the short side, but at least I'm not wearing my cut-offs!
Part of me really enjoys trying to figure out fresh combinations with already-loved pieces...
but then again, I really want to attack the thrift haunts to my little heart's content. Sighhh.

Anybody have some good get-rich-quick-schemes that they'd like to enlighten me on?
Until next time, ♥.

The Craft-Arty Kid  – (June 30, 2011 at 1:19 PM)  

Cute outfit!
I love discovering new clothes combinations

Jo  – (July 4, 2011 at 4:12 PM)  

Your floral blouse is oh-so divine! I love the dress too!

Lost in the Haze

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