CrayCray Craft Day: Oversized Red Bow

I bought this exaggerated red bow from the flea market for a buck with intentions of repurposing it for a headband. 
My mom laughed at me because I wore similar bows as a kid and absolutely hated them. 
However, I did not plan on wearing this one atop a heavily hairsprayed, slicked back, too tight ponytail.

And so began my CrayCray Craft Day. It was super simple, only requiring me to hot glue it onto a headband. 
It served as my warm-up craft, to get me in the swing of things. 

Yesterday was my day off and I didn't have any outings planned until much later. 
I finally hemmed this cute khaki skirt I thrifted on a recent outing with Starr and decided to pair it with my new hairpiece. 
It's refreshing to get out of jeans.

And now For Your Viewing Pleasure: Big Red Bow
This was taken outside of my friend Ginna's house. I had taken some at my place earlier, but I quickly chickened out when I saw the neighbors staring. Those pictures all looked terribly awkward. I still look awkward because a lady walked by with her dog and watched. 
I stopped taking pictures and awkwardly smiled at her, she told me I looked pretty.

->Repurposed Big Red Bow Headband, $1 - Thrifted/DIY
->Mens Chambray Western Button-up, $7 - Savers
->Hemmed Khaki Button-up Skirt - Thrifted/DIY
-Brown Oxfords, $4 - Thrifted

More crafty goodness to come!

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