Sabado & CrayCray Craft Day

I didn't do much Saturday. There was a rummage sale nearby, but I opted to sleep in until 1pm so I wouldn't spend anymore money. Actually, I probably slept in until 2pm. I might be suffering from insomnia. It's a vicious cycle: sleep in, work, stay up late, and repeat. I miss being able to wear cutesy dresses and short-shorts. I feel that my creativity is being stifled by the dress code, but I'm doing my best to comply while maintaining some sense of me.

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Saturday's Work Outfit
I literally took this 15 minutes before I had to be at work. Luckily, it takes me less than 30 seconds to get there. 
It's one of the few perks of my job.
->Striped Oxford Button Up, Free- Discarded by Lil' Sis
->Skinnies, $13 - CitiTrends
->Vtg Nine West Red Flats, $15 - Ebay
->Tiger Scarf worn as Turban, Free - Gift from Momz

I finally debuted these brass rings that I bought for 8 bucks a pop at a Riverfest vendor.
I painted the insides with clear nail polish, hoping to prevent green rings. Cool, huh?

After breakfast Sunday morning, I vowed to get some serious crafting done. And that I did. And I probably went out of hand. I was seriously making stuff until 11pm. I took several pictures along the way, but instead of overwhelming everyone with a plethora of photos, I'm going to split up the CrayCray Craft Day over a couple of posts
...including a special gift that I am seriously proud of.

 Teaser Photos?
This is my craft box, well, more like a junk box. It's filled with goodies. 
I found this lovely at Hidden Treasures. She now weighs a ton.

I have buttons, knick-knacks, feathers, vintages findings, eyeglass lenses, blah blah blah. 
Now you can see why she weighs a ton.

Tah-dah! Stay tuned for what I made over the course of CrayCray Craft Day!

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