Finished: Gaga Meat Costume

I'm not sure of how many of you reading are Lady Gaga fans, but when my friend mentioned a Lady Gaga/David Bowie theme party...I couldn't resist. So, do you like my felt steak fascinator?

I don't have many opportunities to go to theme parties or really any college parties for that matter. 
I had forgotten just how much fun I have putting together a costume!

Anyways, I'm sure most know about Gaga's meat dress at the VMAS (which I didn't actually watch), 
but few are aware of her meat-clad cover for Vogue Hommes Japan

I set to work on my rendition of her meat couture, swapping out meat for felt.
Since I'm rather demure when it comes to nudity, I attached the felt to a nude bodysuit. Alas, I do not recommend pinning/hot gluing pieces when you're wearing the actual garment!
After layering two pairs of tights, gobs of cheap gold necklaces, and red lipstick, I was good to go party the night away...but not without first hiding myself under my newly thrifted trench
I became more bold once the other Gagas emerged from the cracks.

I couldn't help but get miffed every time someone said they liked my meat dress.
Note: This is not my Halloween costume! I have something else in the works.
And we'll just leave it at that. For now.

Until next time, ♥.

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