You Work, So That We Will Paint

I've come across so much lovely graffiti here, I should probably dedicate an entire post to their photos.

After a long night of revelry, I woke up to explore the city of Salamanca. The sun was burning bright and I have the slight sunburning of my shoulders to prove it. At least I won't be having a farmer's tan. 

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Some Bridge, Somewhere, Someplace
Sun's a bright, so a lot of my outfit's washed out.
->Spider Man T-shirt, Target
->Red Deep Pocket Skirt, Zara
->Leather Strappy Sandals, Mary Paz
->Tiger Print Scarf Worn as Headscarf, Thrifted
->Sunnies, Ale-Hop
->Tan Messenger Bag, Thrifted

We played in a children's park, despite funny looks from the locals.

We sought reprieve from the hot summer sun inside of a cathedral. 

The various ice cream stands fed our need for something cold and sweet, about four times in one day.
Even though I planned on just eating some ice cream, I stayed out a bit longer for a repeat of the night before. I was under the impression that an influx of cute boys were roaming about and I couldn't miss out on such a golden opportunity.

Today we're finally hitting up the weekly flea market, El Rastro. Here's to finding some vintage gold, or at least some souvenirs worthy enough for friends and family. Actually, here's to finding the flea market to begin with. I hope my poor little footsies can take it. Then! The game. The game is bound to bring out the best or the worst in the Spaniards. Whatever the outcome, I expect heavily intoxicated Spaniards.

SuziG  – (July 11, 2010 at 1:00 AM)  

I too have a ton of graffiti Spain photos! Not all of them are on my Facebook, but my fav. is, and was my profile pic. for a while:

Huge Pic. of Alf then "Melmac is not Spain"

Why was this in English? Loved it.

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