"Yo Soy Español, Español, Español"

Not really, but I couldn't help chanting along with the Spaniards after they won the freakin' World Cup! It's quite surreal, to be here at a time like this. I can't believe this is happening. That I am in Spain. It is 2:24am and I can still hear the cars driving past blaring their horns. I just got back from dancing. I stink o' Spaniard. These people know how to party. Though, the unruly bunch are typically American. For example, I definitely saw a kid's penis during the celebrations at the Plaza Mayor. Yeah. Go America?

No pictures. I purposefully didn't bring my camera because I knew that I'd go out dancing afterwards. I mean, the German Psychic Octopus did predict the win. However, I am sad. Those pictures would've been awesome. Oh well. My friends brought their cameras. They did not have plans of staying out. 
Thank goodness, a riot would not be fun...or safe...and probably would've soured the rest of my trip.


I hope I wake up for class.

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