What's A Girl To Do?

Why, shop of course! This is exactly what I did yesterday. Somehow, I managed to disconnect myself from my group but I refused to stay home and come off as the poor child with no friends. Thus, I set out to take a look around at the shops. Now, remember how I said it's the month of rebajas? 
Well, it's very much still in effect.

Plus, I had purchased some stuff earlier this week. This can't go on for much longer. I just need to swear off all chain-retail for the rest of my trip. As punishment, or more like prevention, I just stayed home today and slept. I slept hard. I came home for lunch around 2pm and afterwards I slept and woke up just in time for dinner around 8pm. I met up with friends around 10:30pm and spent the rest of my night dancing. Currently it is 2:44am. (However, due to a shotty internet connection, I was not able to finish posting) All I have planned for tomorrow is more sleep and some exploring with Porntip. I will do my best not to spend any more money. Another way I entertain myself is to take photos using my dinky tabletop tripod. 
This post is image-heavy.

New sunnies and new wedge sandals; bought from Ale-Hop and Mary Paz, respectively.

For Your Viewing Pleasure: When You're Bored, You're Bored
->Dead Flesh-Tone (What? I dunno what it's called) Lace Top, H&M
->Navy High-Waisted Shorts, Thrifted
->Strappy Leather Wedge Sandals, Mary Paz
->Silk Scarf Worn as Headwrap, Thrifted
-Silly Sunnies, Ale-Hop 
-Gold Locket, Antique Mall

Haha. I said I was bored! So now it's 8:54am. I NEED to hop in the shower to freshen up from last night.
 I hope my host-mom doesn't bother me with breakfast until after I'm dressed. Let's see how it goes. Just kidding, she just knocked on my door. SHOWER!

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