Madrid Street Style: Musings and Observations

Nothing spectacular is going on today, so I decided to finally put up my creeper-esque Madrid street style pictures. The majority of these were taken when my professor was away from us asking for directions. I had a very limited amount of time because he really kept us on our toes, without much time to sit back and take it all in. Now, I came across plenty of people with impeccable taste but you must remember that Madrid is a major city, so you will run across an assortment of Europeans aside from just the Spaniards. 
It seems like these people ooze with style, even with the heatwave that is currently transforming Spain into an unbearable oven. 
Haha, you would think she was posing for me, but comes naturally. A skirt plus tank and accesories equal an ensemble suitable for this heat, without having to resort to Soffee shorts and t-shirts.

Same combination, with different pieces...still amount to the same practical outfit of choice.

Now, before leaving for Spain, I did a bit of research into Spanish street style. I read somewhere that Harem pants were really big (literally and figuratively) but I must admit...I was skeptical. I was under the impression that Harem pants were no longer "in Vogue." I was proven so wrong. I see them EVERYWHERE in all kinds of prints, colors, fabrics, etc. This picture shows the harem pants nicely, but I don't like how they've been executed in this particular outfit. I'm just not a fan of the flip-flop. 
Also, I want a pair of my own. 

This guy is cute and I like his outfit. I'd try the same with my chambray button up and black skinnies. I just wouldn't bother with that now, just because it is really too stinking' hot outside. Heatstroke is definitely not on my list of things to get while I'm in Spain. 

Sensible. I'm such a sucker for stripes. But once again, just not feeling the flip-flops.

Many of the guys here dress very nicely, even on their bikes. I can appreciate it. They look spiffy and environmentally-conscious on their bikes. This guy though, he's lookin' good and playing on his PSP.

Something about this makes me want to purchase a white dress, but the fact that I am not as tan tells me otherwise. It just looks so crisp! Dresses are the way to go here in Spain.

So, this is a street performer, but the costume's great. Besides this was taken out in the plaza, and, I mean, outfits are a bit like daily costumes, no? Well, I'm going to ponder that as I try to take a quick siesta. 
Stay tuned!

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