Stop Light Party: Red Means STOP, Don't Go In There!

The club promoters here in Salamanca never cease to amaze me with their nightly get ups. It takes a lot of character to walk up to complete strangers in such attire. I guess whatever it takes to entice the foreigners to their venues, eh? I think the majority of the promoters know me by now. At least, I sure do. I can do an almost perfect imitation of one of the girls. These three are dressed up as stoplights to promote yesternight's Stoplight Party at the Irish Rover. Green means your single, yellow is maybe, red is taken. I was told to get yellow during a Skype date I had beforehand. Oh, Salamantino night life!

Here I am at the Irish Rover. The party started at 11pm. We walked in around 11:15pm. IT WAS EMPTY. So, of course, we just took photos. Here I am with the lovely Venetia Digby. You know, the one with the chair earrings. I think here she's wearing a fun pair of television set earrings. We are both rocking the polka-dots and wing-tipped eye-liner! Haha, we didn't stay very long. Actually, last night sucked, party-wise!

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Spanish Nuddy Pants
I opted to follow the color scheme in my Nuddy Pants Eyeglass Lens Pendant in today's outfit.
->Nuddy Pants Eyeglass Lens Pendant, DIY by me!
->Cream Dress worn as Tank, H&M
->Navy High-Waisted Shorts, Thrifted
->Leopard Print Flats, H&M
-Paisley Scarf worn as Headwrap, Thrifted
->Striped Cardigan, Thrifted
->Dorky Sunnies, Ale-Hop
->Caramel Messenger Bag, Thrifted

Until next time! ♥

Starr Crow  – (July 21, 2010 at 2:49 PM)  

oh, you look so cute Myriam, and your friend Venetia is stunning! what a great dress.

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