Deberes con Franceses

We've been scrambling to finish our presentation for class tomorrow. It freaks me out even more that my teacher was out sick today! Oh well, I just finished emailing her the paper and accompanying powerpoint presentation. Luckily, I just so happen to live with one of my classmates. She's a French cutie-patootie by the name of Marie and the equally cute Alex is sitting next to her. Those are Marie's hands typing away on my netbook as I snap a few photos here and there. 

(Alexandra, Marie, and Me)

♥ ♥ ♥

Not very appetizing, but Marie took this. I look like a lazy loaf.

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Slightly Lazy, Slightly Homesick
I scored this vintage Razorback t-shirt just before leaving for Spain. I've been wearing it to sleep but debuted it in public today. I had another whole outfit that I had planned on wearing, that is, until I woke up to a muh colder than usual breeze. Nothing like slipping into your favorite pair of skinnies and a perfectly worn in t-shirt. Wooopigsoooie! Ah, makes me a little homesick. Just a little bit.

I love my iPod so much. It keeps me company. It lulls me to sleep. It fills the void.

->Vintage Arkansas Razorbacks T-shirt, Thrifted
->Favorite High-Waisted Skinnies, CitiTrends
->Slip-on Keds, Ebay
->Tan Oversized Beanie, Burlington Coat Factory

I've got to stop listening to this wonderfully amazing song. It really makes me homesick.
"Alabama, Arkansas, I sure love my maw and paw."

Until next time! ♥

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