Spanish Noms

Okay. I have a confession to make. I love food. Spain has not disappointed me food-wise. I haven't eaten out much here, simple because I get 3 meals a day where I'm staying and I'd rather spend the money on something else (like clothes, durr!). But, there have been occasions where I've met up with friends to grab a coffee...or some sweets...or ice cream...or even McDonald's. Call me fat, I don't mind, but prepare to drool.

This is a cafe cortado. It is served in the tiniest of cups. Too precious! It is straight coffee with a splash of cream. The perfect pick-me-up after severe jet-lag.

You know, I'm not exactly sure what this is...I just see mariscos (shellfish) which are my favorite. I should've tried it, but instead I had the nastiest cup of wine known to man.

Most bars will give you free tapas to eat with your drink (or, this case, your disgusting wine). Tapas are like little snack sandwiches and I'm pretty sure there are a million variations. This particular tapa wasn't that great...but then again, it could've been the taste of the disgusting wine lingering on my taste-buds.

In case you were wondering, this is what Mickey D's looks like in Spain. They have special buns! This burger is called the California Grill. I kept seeing commercials for it and my Swedish friend convinced us to have dinner with her on her last day in Spain. It was delicious. It was expensive. It made me sick. My tummy can't really handle fast-food. Oh well, no more Spanish Mickey D's for me! (Or ever for that matter)

This was some cappuccino frappe drink from a Spanish chain restaurant. That is an entire waffle cone in my drink and loads of whipped cream. Oh, the calories! At least I do loads of walking here, no worries!

We finally found a place that sold churros con chocolate after breakfast time. Now, these are different from the Mexican Churros. It's basically just fried sweet dough with a coffee cup filled with straight chocolate. I liked it, however, I like Mexican churros much better! I also had a granizado de fresa, basically grainy strawberries...a slushie, quite different from what you'd find here in the states. I have no idea how one would get the ice so finely grained. It complemented my churros nicely.

Something I purchased for myself. I hope to recreate some of the many delicious dishes once I get home. This one is specifically geared towards students, "Facil, barata, y deliciosa:" Three words I like to hear when it comes to food (easy, cheap, and delicious). I'm sold!

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Straight Nineties, Yo

Something about this feels so nineties. It may be the denim jacket. Or the floral. Or the polka dots.

->Child's Denim Jacket, Thrifted
->Floral Bodysuit, Thrifted
->Polka-Dot Skirt, ZARA
->Cognac Leather Strappy Sandals, Mary Paz
->Dorky Sunnies, Ale-Hop
->Locket, Thrifted
Until next time! ♥

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