Splish-Splash, I Was Taking A (Sun)Bath

This post will be short but sweet, because I have a serious case of the nods right now. It's becoming difficult to keep my head up! I'm sleepy. Why so sleepy? Well, instead of my usual siesta activity of a 2-hour long siesta, I went with my friends (pictured above) to the pool. I'm kind of embarrassed to say that I did not go in. I mean, someone needed to stay behind to watch the valuables. However, I also had ulterior motives. I hoped to eliminate my wonky tans I gained from walking around in the blazing sun. Aside from sunbathing, I made more progress in my book and iPod. Oh, if only I could've slept!

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Sunbathed Attire
->Swimsuit, Half of Half
->Boyfriend cut shorts, ZARA
->Black Gladiators, TJ Maxx
->Black Turban, Urban Hair Store
->Leopard Print Pointy Flats, H&M
->Shorts, ZARA
->Black dress worn as a tank, H&M
->Silk Scarf, Thrifted

After my "swim," I showered, changed, and met up with my pals at the Plaza Mayor where I can get free Wi-Fi. Hooray! I like my friends.

Stay tuned, it's bedtime!!!

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