Operation: Junky Mess Annihilation

So, as you can imagine, with all of my daily activities (school, siesta, hanging out, partying), my room has gone by the wayside. I'm the kind of person that can put up with a bit of junkiness, but not for very long. Today I decided to clean up shop and man, it feels good! I took some before and after pictures. 
I have no shame.

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Lazy Sunday
It's been a whole week since Spain won the World Cup!!!
I decided to re-use a scrap piece of red fabric that I received that day in my hair and wrist.
It's a bit of a commemoration! 
My host-dad says my hair looks straight out of the 30s, 40s. How exciting!
By far, my favorite pose to do here in Spain. 
Go toro, go! OLE!
->Red Hairscarf, Scrapped from World Cup game day
->Gray Boxy Shirt, Mango
->Black Pleated Shorts, H&M
->Striped Oxford Button-Up, Indefinitely Borrowed from Little Sister
->Leopard Pointy Flats, H&M

It's unfortunate that the weather was so stinking hot today. I barely made it to the Plaza where I was meeting up with friends. Upon arrival, I immediately "undressed" in public. Actually, I just slipped off the oxford from underneath my shirt. Not an easy feat, but I managed and my body thanked me for it. Now I look like someone straight out of Flashdance. Oh well, at least I didn't suffer a heatstroke. 
Until next time! ♥

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