Rebajas Shall Be The Death Of Me

(Bags from Euro-faves H&M and Mango and the Reina Sofia Museum of Modern Art gift shop)

Here in Spain, it's the Mes de Rebajas. All the stores are touting insane discounts, up to 70% off! Well, we don't have many of these stores in the States, especially not in Arkansas, so you can imagine how eager I was to get my "shop on.". After taking advantage of the wonderful opportunity of visiting the Reina Sofia (and her gift shop), we were allowed to wander off on our own in the city of Madrid. I paired off with my comrade Porntip to visit all of the wonderful stores we drooled over our first day in Madrid. We had no idea what we had in store for us. It was quite the thrilling shopping excursion!

We made it to our destination and visited H&M, Mango, Zara, and a slew of other stores. I did my best not to impulse buy...even putting back a few items! I'm confident that each of my buys are perfect (that will be another post) and hope that I do not suffer from buyer's remorse. If anything, I may have buyer's regret. I'm telling you, these sales are ridiculous!!! However, I must spend my Euros wisely. 

Anyways, as we were shop-hopping (kind of like bar-hopping?), we noticed a crowd was building up. Several were donning unusual outfits. Others bore rainbow banners. We saw an elaborate tranny here and there. We didn't think much of it. Orgullo 2010 is taking place here in Spain and we had seen several of the posters saying it was set for July 4th. Again, we didn't think much of it. We were much too giddy from shopping. We stopped  shopping in time to catch the bus so we could meet up with the other students at a bar to watch the soccer match. We quickly realized this was not going to take place. 

The buses were shut down for the Orgullo 2010. That crowd was intense. We made our way through and tried to take the subway, but quickly realized that we had absolutely no idea what we were doing. Panic started to set in, but we maintained our composure and prepared to walk all the way back to our hotel. Mind you, we had already walked miles and miles today. Well, we walked. Eventually we found where the streets weren't blocked off and we saw buses! Buses that were running! WE WERE SAVED! We hopped on and made it to the bar to see the winning goal (we missed the one that was disqualified). Speaking of:

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Donning a Spanish Soccer Jersey
Sorry for the crappy mirror-shot, but today was ridiculous. 
It wasn't exactly appropriate to ask a classmate to photograph me outside. 
We had a situation. 
Pretty outfit photos were NOT a priority. 
->Spanish Soccer Jersey, Madrid Souvenir Vendor
->High Waisted Shorts, Thrifted
->Leopard Print Scarf worn as Turban Wrap, Thrifted
->Toffee Oxfords, Thrifted

I guess I fibbed a little. I asked someone to photograph me with this gag-butt thing. I thought it was funny.

Well, we hit up El Rastro outdoor flea-market tomorrow, but first I have to repack my luggage because I leave for Salamanca afterwards. That means I finally get to meet my host-family. That means I get to find out if I'll have internet access. That means I finally start class. That means things may change. 
I may only get to update once or twice a week! We'll see, we'll see! Stay tuned!

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