Eclectic Spanish Street Performers

First of all, disregard the groady guy in the background scratching his tummy. 
Focus on that weird pile of metallic fringe wearing all manner of bells and beads and, is that a goat mask?
I've seen several odd street performers around the streets of Madrid, but this one in particular takes the cake. He also whistled at anything in a skirt. Anyways, we saw this one in the Plaza Mayor yesterday. We had absolutely no idea what it was supposed to be. It creeped me out though, especially when we saw what was underneath, but that's besides the point.

This particular costume made much more sense today when we made a trip to the Museo del Prado, a major art museum featuring works by the likes of El Greco, Van Eyck, Velázquez, Goya, etc. I was really excited to see Goya's Pinturas Negras (The Black Paintings). We walk into the room and take a look around. 

We see this. We then proceed to freak out.
(Goya's Aquelarre from the series, Las Pinturas Negras)
The dark shadow is a goat figure. This goat figure is supposed to represent Satan. Now tell me, why is this outside asking for people's change? Families posing with it? THIS IS SCARY! I'm happy to have observed the connection though. Some of these Spaniards are seriously off their rocker!

Now for your viewing pleasure: Laying in the Grass, Like a True Spaniard.
I opted out of visiting another museum to lay out in the grass outside. It felt nice. I mean, everyone is else doing it. I'm really digging the laid-back vibes here. No need for a blanket, just lay down on Mother Nature's turf.
->Kids Denim Jacket, Thrifted
->Floral 80s Bodysuit, Thrifted
->Khaki Button-Up Skirt, Thrifted/Altered
->Black Gladiators, TJ Maxx
->Toffee Messenger Bag doubling as Pillow, Thrifted
->Blue Sunnies, Thrifted

This picture is much more typical of my personality. 

We ventured out on our own tonight. Found myself a Spanish soccer jersey, the nice man gave me a discount. It pays to look cute? I'll debut it tomorrow. I mean, there is a match...I am IN Spain...we WILL go to a bar to watch. I'm sure it'll be ridiculous and a fabulous cultural experience. I'm ready to see some drunken Spaniards go BUCK WILD. Stay tuned!

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