My Second July 4th Spent Abroad

With Porntip at the Plaza Mayor, Salamanca...Eating Calippos, sabor a fresa.

The first time I was ever out of the country during the Fourth of July happened back in 2005 when I vacationed in Chile. Once again, I am abroad but under very different circumstances. I mean, it's kind of a vacation, but I'm really here for school. Speaking of, I have entrance exams 9am!!! It is currently midnight. OH! I have internet, sort of. I have a signal now from some unsecured network. Works for me!

I left Madrid this morning and went by means of locomotive to Salamanca. I'm in my personal room as we speak. I arrived around 4pm. My French roomies just arrived around 10pm. They're French. They're gorgeous. I'm gonna have to step my game up. Eh, luckily I enjoy a challenge. What I lack in conventional beauty I can make up with charm and wit and clothes! Here's what I wore today. This may just be the worst outfit photo yet! I took it using the dinky table-top tripod, poor lighting, and self-timer. I'll work on it.

For Your Viewing Pleasure: How One Arrives To The Alojamiento
->Mauve Babydoll Dress, H&M
->Kids Denim Jacket, Thrifted
->Gold Metallic Denim Keds, Ebay
->Straw Fedora, Marshalls

Erm, so I should embrace the fact that I'm a tourist/student and just have a nice enough looking stranger take my photos from now on...This just ain't cuttin' it but now it's time to cram/sleep. Placement tests are tomorrow morning and it'd be embarrassing if I placed lower than I should..

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