Quick Change: Pa, Pa, Americano

So, ah...this is definitely this summer's anthem. I can't go out at night with out hearing this song. Not that I mind, it's incredibly catchy and randomly I will find myself singing "pa,pa, americano" out in the street. The video's not bad either, it has a nice silent-film style. Gah, I love going out here in Salamanca. There's usually not a cover to pay so I get to bounce around all the clubs that are within walking distance of one another. These Spaniards know how to party!

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Quick Change!

Once again, I woke up to cooler temperatures. I had to scrap the idea of the skirt and opted for the black skinnies instead. However, I made plans to swap out after lunchtime. That's right around the time that the sun decides to bear down until you sweat, a sweat that's wet.

->Wolf Tee, Threadless.com
->Children's Denim Jacket, Thrifted
->Black Skinnies, Half of Half
->Peter Pan Booties, Thrifted
->Blue Paisley Scarf worn as Headwrap, Thrifted

Round Two: New Look, Fresher Feel
This quick change only required:
a changing of bottoms ,a  scrapping of layers, and a switching of shoes.

->Black High-Waisted Mini, Thrifted & Hemmed
->Black Gladiators, TJ Maxx
->Ethnic Belt, Thrifted

Unfortunate Happenings: RIP Dinky Table Top Tripod
In the midst of taking my outfit photos today, my tripod decided to take the plunge off of my desk...camera still attached. I almost died. Cammy Jr's okay, too bad I can't say the same for the dinky table top tripod. However I did not let that discourage me.

I pulled a MacGyver. The camera set-up included a two-legged tripod accompanied by the following objects. It's good to know that my English-Spanish dictionary will finally be put to good use. I mean, I've still got almost a week to go here in Spain; a girl's got to use what resources she has on hand!

On a side note, bus tickets have been purchased for Madrid! I will be heading to El Rastro for a proper scouring with the lovely Venetia on Sunday. I'm so excited! We'll also be spending some time at the Museo del Prado. I will definitely get a healthy dose of shopping and art!

Until next time! ♥

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