Entrance Exams and Earrings of the Sitting Variety

Sitting in the park nearby my house during siesta time.

I took my entrance exam today. I must admit, as I was walking towards the room, I was sweating bullets like no other. My host-mother had assured me that it was nothing to worry about, but I was skeptical. Turns out, it was actually extremely easy. It was freaking multiple choice! Then, the oral component was supposed to take 2-3 minutes, but she concluded our mini-conversacion around the 30 second mark. I wouldn't get the resultados until they were posted at 7pm. All I will say is, I'm proud of myself. Good thing I didn't go out the night before; I definitely spotted a few kids donning sunglasses in hopes of hiding their hangovers. Not that I would do that, you know, get wasted and stuff.

Back to the siesta aspect of the day. I can get used to it. It's nice. I like naps. Everything basically shuts down for 2-3 hours and I spent two of those sleeping. 

For Your Viewing Pleasure: What One Might Wear to an Exam/It's Hot & I'm Lazy
UALR, represent!

I promise I'm not a grouch, I took this early and too quickly. Time is of the essence!
->Heather-Gray Slouchy Tee, Mango
->High-Waisted Navy Shorts, Thrifted
-> Bandanna worn as Headscarf, Thrifted 
->Black Gladiators, TJ Maxx
->Toffee Messenger Bag, Thrifted

I've had the chance to scour and figure out the pricing on goods here. I know I will (or at least will want) to leave Spain with: a.)Toffee Leather Backpack b.) Boyfriend Shorts c.) Sunnies d.) Universidad de Salamanca Tee or Hoodie e.) Strappy Leather Sandals/Espadrille f.) Probably other stuff (artisan crafts, souvenirs, blah blah blah). I may have to check an extra luggage before I can return! BOO!!!

I'm hoping to hit up the Rastro Flea Market here on Sunday. 
The best part? I've found fellow lovers of craft & vintage! Life is goooood.

Introducing: Earrings of the Sitting Variety
I saw these pretties from afar whilst waiting for the results to be posted. I couldn't help but walk over for a chat and a quick snap from Cammy Jr. Hopefully I can work up more of this courage. There are plenty of students here with impeccable style, even during this heatwave! (Oh, and that reminds me...I still need to post my creeper shots from Madrid) 
(She's even cute to boot!)
Here is my new Canadian friend, Venetia, who also goes by Digby. She made these herself. Ever so simple to do, but it takes a certain personality to pull this babies off with ease and grace, for these are definitely statement earrings. For example, as we were talking, I spotted a couple of tourists/natives snapping their own photos. Note: I asked for mine fair and square.

She's inspired me. Let's hope thrifting together at the Rastro works out nicely! I would like to knock off a couple of things on my wishlist, without breaking the bank. Stay tuned!

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