Lady in Red Makes Her Way to Class

I made it to class. On time. Did not get lost. All in all, that is plenty to be grateful. I'm such a spazz when it comes to the first day of class. Always. I doubt that will ever change. So, to make up for my timid nature, I decided to wear this fun red dress I bought from H&M in Madrid. No need to speak when you've got an outfit that does all the talking for you! And to think I put it back...I'm sure glad I went back for it!!! 
Funny when things happen that way. 

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Running of the Bulls?
-> Red Lace Zippered Dress, H&M
->Cream Tank Dress worn underneath, H&M
->Denim Children's Jacket, Thrifted
->Black Gladiators, TJ Maxx
->Quartz encased in a Bullet Shell Necklace, DIY by Me!

After class got out, I went home to eat and once to again take advantage of this lovely "siesta" concept. I conked out (like that? picked it up from a Swede) and woke up two hours later. Conveniently, I woke up just in time for the shops to re-open. Bored and lonely, I turned towards my only friend...retail therapy. So for that, I hit up Zara and the other shops in its vicinity. Alas, don't fret...I only bought three things. It was mostly window shopping, but I did take pictures!!!

I brought a pair of high-waisted denim shorts, but the heat here makes them unbearable. Anything that snug around your waist is drenched by the time you finally get to peel them off. Plus, I've been searching for the perfect "boyfriend" slouchy shorts for the longest now. I mean, I guess I could've scoured the men's section and made my own...but I need shorts NOW. And, they're on sale. Did someone say Rebajas?

Finally found my opportunity to get in on this polka-dotted trend! This AA-esque skirt was only 5 euros, so naturally, I also bought it in red. Zara is amazing. 

I also fell in love with this romper. The cut, the lace detail, etc. Fortunately, it was a bit ill-fitting because of the side-zipper, so I didn't buy it. Besides, I'm not looking to spend every pretty penny, I haven't even been in Spain an entire week yet! However, wouldn't this be a fabulous DIY project?

Also, I decided to get a taste of the Salamanca night life. And, well, it's great, it's ridiculous. I went to this one spot called the Irish Rover and you could get your face painted with your country's flag. I got Chile in hopes that I could differentiate myself from the Americans. The best part? The chick doing the face-painting is Chilena. Crazy. I swear you can find a Chilean anywhere!

My rough appearance is due to 2+ hours of dancing. However, I must admit that Salamanca's DJs have nothing on Little Rock. The majority of the stuff they played just wasn't working. Anyways, see my flag? That's the important part because I look really rough. That being said, I should make my way to bed. Afterall,  I do have class in the morning, I like 6 hours. Let's hope I wake up! Stay tuned.

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