Fresh Start: Miracle in a Bottle

First things first, please don't think I'm stinky. Due to yesterday's festivities, I didn't get to take an actual shower. Back home, when I'd go out, I'd shower as soon as I got home, no matter what time that is. However, my host mom told me the first week that she cuts off the gas at 11pm. I mean, there is a heat wave and all, but straight cold showers just aren't my thing. Luckily, I managed to pack for these emergencies...I just didn't realize how much these remedies would be put into use. 

Behold! TRESemmé Waterless Foam Shampoo and Refreshing Mist. 
These babies have been a life saver. It's amazing all the odors your hair picks up during the nightlife. I mean, I could wake up earlier to take a shower, but who wants to do that? 
I prefer sleep, thankyouverymuch!

For Your Viewing Pleasure: The Morning After
This is pretty minimal. Although I used the TRESemmé magic, I was still too lazy to fully style my hair, which explains the slouchy beanie. The shorts are a far cry from their high-waisted thrifted counterparts, but they are refreshing during this heat wave. Their slouchy boyfriend fit hangs loosely away from my body, which is sheer perfection. 

->Tan Slouchy Beanie, Burlington Coat Factory
->Black T-shirt, Target
->Slouchy Boyfriend Shorts, ZARA
->Leopard Print Flats, H&M
->Gold Locket, Thrifted
Blurrrrrred. Now for another night of dancing and whatnot. Apparently one club has adopted beer pong on Mondays? They must do so to cater to the Americans here. Don't worry, I won't partake. I think my Swede-friend put it best when she called it barbaric after having someone explain it to her. Until later! ♥

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