First Day In Madrid Without A Wink Of Sleep

If you read my last post, you know that I went to sleep real late the night before my flight. Well, turns out I didn't sleep at all during the 8-hour flight from Atlanta to Madrid. Fortunately, the back of each seat came equipped with a touch-screen made of magical intrigue and wonder. It's an insomniac's dream come true...wait! that can't be. Anyways, I stayed wide-awake watching dubbed Spanish films and funny sitcoms, playing games, and listening to tons of good music (Broken Bells, She & Him, 
Vampire Weekend, etc). I had plenty to keep me occupied. 

The Culprit!

After seemingly time-traveling through a 7-hour time difference, we arrived. 
This is where I'll be sleeping while I'm in Madrid.

I freshened up, swapped into more appropriate clothes, and prepped to hit the town. However, I was not prepared for what all my professor had in mind. My legs are so sore. I'm also pretty sure that I have severe jet-lag. Oh well, I'm about to hit the sack here in a second, but first! More photos!!!

Advertisements for a photo exhibit that I saw frequently along my travels today.
 Makes me want to see it really stinkin' bad. The pictures are all pretty bad-ass.

The whole thing reads Mercado de la Reina or Market of the Queen. 
It's chopped off image makes for an interesting photo.

For Your Viewing Pleasure: What a Zombie Wears in Madrid
I was so dead, zombie-like. Here I am at the Plaza Mayor. I asked a friend to take the shot. I felt too embarrassed to ask for several so that I could choose a decent here you go!
->Straw Fedora, Marshalls
->90s Cotton Floral Dress, Thrifted
->Tan Cardi, Charlotte Russe
->Black Gladiators, TJ Maxx
->Toffee Messenger Bag, Thrifted

I took several more photos today. 
Like, loads: stuff that inspires, stuff that repels, stuff that makes you think.
Like, sneaky creeper-esque streetstyle shots...architecture...legitimately creepy costumed street performers... the European store fronts that I've always dreamed about...public demonstrations...but! those will be saved for a later date because I have a feeling that each will require its own post 
and that related photos will be taken in the next couple of days.

Stay posted! With a teaser like that, who wouldn't?! 

Meream  – (July 2, 2010 at 2:06 AM)  

The outfit is cute! I covet your bag so very much.

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