Whoops! Threadbare & Threadless

I told myself that I wasn't going to purchase anything, but I had the urge to reward myself. You see, I finally got around to purging my closet (once again) and I actually took some stuff to consignment today! A lot of it was stuff that was just hanging in my closet, hadn't been worn in ages and probably wouldn't be worn again. Most had been bought during my last two years of high school, when I could scour the racks at Half of Half for high-end pieces at bargain basement prices. The kind lady was really eager to accept my clothes and I was more than willing to part with them. 
It definitely helps that I'll be getting money in exchange!

So onto my WHOOPS moment...checking my email this morning, I saw that Threadless was having a sale. I've avoided Threadless for the longest now, refusing to even peek at the new designs...opting instead to promptly hit delete. Today was different. All of their shirts are $10! Typically, they run for about $20 bucks a pop. I gave in and took a look around...so many new designs! So many new designs that I wanted! Slowly, but surely, I managed to add about 7 shirts to my virtual shopping. Wait! Don't fret...I took three out. 70 bucks on t-shirts would've been excessive. 
But man, I must say that I do love me some Threadless t-shirts! 

Anyways, here's what I decided on:

How I Justify What I Spent:
1. I took clothes to consignment
2. I rolled up a year's worth of loose change, pending a trip to the bank, worth $97.50
3. I'm working at Half of Half (paycheck!), but haven't purchased anything there
4. I'm purging/pricing even more for a garage sale to be held in August (exhausting!)
5. I haven't bought anything from Threadless in a YEAR
6. I ♥ Threadless!

If you're looking for some awesome, totally unique t-shirts, I highly suggest that you check out Threadless
Their sale ends on June 14th. Don't miss out!!!

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