Riverfest Revisited, Glass Heads and Etsy Shop Opening

Day 2 of Riverfest: Pelvic Thrust! I was in the vicinity at the Rev Room. Yeahhh.
c/o Chris H.

I gave up on trying to continue my thoughts on Riverfest: that weekend just got out of hand. However, I must show off some of my fireworks photos! 

And For Your Viewing Pleasure: Some outfit shots!

This is Mango. She thought she wasn't going to be able to go to Riverfest, but I surprised her with a button. Hurrah, hurrah! She sports a classic plaid button-up paired with black shorts, grungy canvas sneakers, and black felt hat.

I opted for a red-striped tank to match my red lipstick, worn with high-waisted khaki shorts, and a scarf turban wrap.

Sophie looks lovely in a black romper and a creme cardi (which I'm pretty sure she scored from me at a clothing swap ages ago) paired with all black canvas sneakers, Africanesque bag, and a straw cloche hat.

It was funny walking around because we definitely stood out amongst the crowd clad in their usual Dirty South garb. I would've taken "street-style" photos, but I saw maybe one kid worth mentioning, and I couldn't work up the courage. Shame on me!

Rummaging through pretty jewels at one of the vendors' booths. I bought two bronze rings. Pictures are coming, after I finish coating them with clear nail polish!


My Etsy Shop hath been stocked with goods, not an overwhelming amount, but stocked nonetheless. I made the fascinators last week (with another batch in the works!) but had no way of photographing them. I wanted to use my sister as a head model, but alas...I never see the kid. My luck changed when I found this awesome glass head at Hidden Treasures.

It's just what I needed! I should name her. Any ideas?
Check out more of the merchandise at Myriad.of.Mischief : Unique Repurposed Goods

I'll be adding more stuff later on this week, if everything pans out accordingly, and this weekend will be spent scouring flea-markets and antique malls for an affordable dress form to display other goodies looking for new homes!

I can't wait. I can't wait. I can't wait!

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