Captured Moments from the Past

It's always amazing when you come across hordes of vintage photographs at flea markets and antique malls. Part of me wonders how they ended up there, only to be purchased by random strangers, yet another part of me appreciates that kind of mystery. I mean, it's not much different than buying used clothes. It's exciting to think about their previous owners. However, this time it's different.

These particular photographs were taken by my paternal grandparents in Chile. My grandmother kept the original negatives, hoping to someday have them developed. She never got the chance, having passed away almost two years ago. Finally, they've been developed and transferred onto CDs. If only my grandmother was still around so she could relish and reminisce on days gone by. I'll refer to her as Abuelita, Spanish for grandmother, as I did since I was a little kid
Here is my Abuelita, Aida Gabrie. I'm loving the feminine floral print dress. My Abuelita always had a penchant for prints. She also worked as a seamstress, making or altering the majority of her clothes.

This is a photo of my uncle, the oldest of the three boys. My father's the baby of bunch. Isn't his little straw fedora adorable?

Here is a photo of my Abuelita and uncle in one of the various plazas that can be found in the cities of Chile. Ah, she's just so beautiful. (Notice the print? I told you so!)

Here are my grandparents posing near a dock. They lived in the coastal city of Valparaiso. My father bears a striking resemblance to my grandfather. I never got the chance to meet him. Apparently he always had a camera handy, which is great for us. Now we have all of these lovely memories to ogle at!

Here we have my grandparents with the oldest of the three sisters. (There are six siblings total)

Lastly, my Abuelita with my uncle. Those shoes are awesome.

This is only a small sample of the photos that were freed from their former captivity. I have at least 10 CDs to search through. I'll do my best to post my favorites every week or so. Ah, I imagine several to showcase my Abuelita's impeccable style. 

Little mysteries just waiting for our eager eyes!

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