Riverfest Day 1 / Cool Shoes

I didn't find time to post yesterday, nor did I really have anything of importance to write about. However, I did get ready for a day of festivities.

With Memorial Day, comes Riverfest Weekend. The line-up this year is no SXSW, but it does manage to showcase a couple of great local acts. Button pinned to my loose-fitting tank and Cammy Jr. ready to go, I geared up to meet with some friends to watch Whalefire. The drummer of the band just happens to be my friend Page's brother.

After a fun set, I went home to freshen up and grabbed my things to get ready for the 2nd year Anniversary of Cool Shoes, a monthly dance party here in the Rock. Last month's was a total bust due to super-lame severe thundershowers and tornado warnings. This month's was Beach Party-themed. Anticipating the slew of chicks wearing cut-offs and bikini tops, I went to my local thrift haunts looking for something different. I pretty much freaked out when I found a hibiscus patterned jumpsuit...that fit. I didn't take any outfit shots, but there are a couple of photos from the night. Overall, it was a great night and I'm still sore from all of that dancing!

c/o: Chris H.

c/o: Chris H.

Round 2 of Riverfest begins in...eh, whenever I get there!

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