Less Than A Week To Go!

I have less than a week until departure to España! I packed last night, it wasn't nearly as difficult as I expected it to be. I doubt I've over packed, besides, I need room for all I the new goodies I know I'll be buying!

I'm not at all worried about what I'll wear. What with globalization, the internet, and street style sites, many around the world are looking similar with trends bleeding across global borders. I still remember how during orientation they told us not to look like "fashion-plates." Of course, I'm not going to be wearing typical t-shirts and ratty jeans, but I will be putting a bit of care into what I choose to wear. It's not complicated to throw on a dress and flats. So, I've got things narrowed down to the basics, with several pieces that can be mixed and matched to create whole new outfits. I'm so excited!

I've been watching these kinds of videos to listen to the street slang and of course, grab some inspiration. But really...they don't dress that much different from Americans, but I'm sure they put a bit more care into what they wear on a daily basis. I doubt I'll see many sneaker/sweat suit combinations. Thank goodness!

I'm also packing my iPod up with new tunes to keep me occupied. I need to create a playlist featuring all of the music I'll be seeing at Lolla! So much to do, I feel like my summer is just now beginning and! It's going to be AWESOME! 

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