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As a part of IB Visual Arts in High School, I had to keep up with a sketchbook. You know, those black hardbound sketchbooks. I had to complete an entire sketchbook a year, no easy task, especially if you happen to procrastinate like I do. Somehow I managed to finish them, although some pages were absolute crap. The pages were filled with sketches, doodles, inspiration, etc.  Desperate times called for desperate measures; I remember using grass stains to draw a nature scene. 
WTF? Yeah, exactly.

Anyways, sketchbooking seems like a healthy habit. I bought a new one at the start of my freshman year, but of course it stayed new until the week of spring finals. Thus far, I've done about 20 pages. I thought it'd be fun to feature some of my better pages. It's mostly collage work, incorporating images from Urban Outfitter catalogs and other odds and ends. If anything, this sketchbook will be a book for inspiration, like a mood board of sorts.

I slept in today, not having anything better to do. I got dressed so I wouldn't feel like a total slob. First, I had to patch the jeans up, or else the cheeks would've been hanging out like nobody's business. I didn't bother with straightening my bangs, it's kind of refreshing. My laziness would also explain the lack of footwear.
->Wolf Tank - XXI
->Ethnic Belt, $2 - Goodwill
->Holey Mavi Jeans, $12 - Marshalls
->Tan Knit Shrug, $3 - Goodwill
->Quartz Bullet Necklace, DIY

This took me around 30 minutes. Doodling. I'm pretty sure the magazine image came from an old Teen Vogue. Well, this is what happens when you don't have anything better to do. 
At least I enjoyed myself?

However, do not fret! This weekend is chock-full of fun! 
We have Cool Shoes on Friday night and Riverfest the rest of the weekend. 

Mauren Sparrow  – (May 26, 2010 at 10:50 PM)  

alright, so myriam.
i follow your blog very creepily.
and i was just wondering how you made yours so...wide?
haha i want to be able to show off pictures like you do, but my layout is dumb and won't let me. could you help me out?

pssssss. i love your blog haha. i stalkily read it all the time.

Mauren Sparrow  – (May 27, 2010 at 1:15 PM)  

thanks for the comment dear, i played around with the html coding and figured out how to change my own blog without changing the template :) but thanks again!

i really only manage two blogs. one is a passive agressive/emotional rant blog, and the other is my summer one. the workout one i used to keep up, but i've stopped updating it seeing as i use my summer blog to keep up with my weight loss stuff now. i just keep the health one instead of deleting it so i can see the progress i've made up until now! :)

to edit pictures i use a clusterfuck of programs. picnik is one. photoshop elements is the other. and iphoto haah. nothing too fancy.

thanks a bunch for your help!
i look forward to stalking you this summer.
cheers <3

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