Can I Count the Ways?

I was cooped up inside all day Saturday and finally went out with my mom. We went to Savers. (I mean, it's right down the street...we couldn't resist!) After getting hit on right when I walked in, I found the coolest popcorn bowl. I was so set on buying it, envisioning all of the lovely movie nights in store...but then I came to my senses. I didn't actually need it. I put it back, pleased with new found self-control. I also found some fabulous nude espadrilles in my size...made in Spain, I took it to be destiny, perfect for when I travel to Spain. But once again, I put them back. I'd much rather find a pair of vintage espadrilles at the flea markets that I've already looked up in Salamanca. Yes, you better believe that I will be an avid thrifter while I'm overseas. Thus, I must hold on to every pretty penny that I can.

However, I gave in when I saw that the manager's special was BOGO on pants. I've been trying to step away from the staple of jeans and I found these awesome "hammer"-esque pants with a fun print to boot. With these in hand, I had to find another pair to complete the sale. I came across these high-waisted khakis in just the right shade. Both fit me perfectly. The clerk charged me for the cheaper pair, which made me feel a lot less guilty about making another purchase in such a short amount of time.

I wore this ensemble to a series of interviews that I was conducting today.
I haven't worn khakis since my uniform days back in middle school. I've had a stigma to khaki slacks and the trio of red, white, and navy polos ever since. I'm hoping these slacks will change that, except for the polos...still not a fan of polos. So many ideas floating about in my head on how to wear these babies.

I love these oxfords. They will definitely travel with me to Spain. SPAIN! I'm so excited. Is it bad that I've spent more time contemplating my wardrobe than reviewing my Spanish?

->Spider-Man T-shirt, $3: Clearance at Target 
->Khaki High-Waisted Slacks, BOGO: Savers
->Brown Oxfords, $4: Goodwill

Side-note: I've been accepted as a seller on Market Publique! Guess this means I need to organize my mess o' vintage treasures...oh dear.

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