Settin' Up Shop.

I spent almost all day yesterday setting up shop. I just about have Market Publique ready to go (except for my won't load!) and Etsy's ready for me to list items.

Back in April: Annie getting ready for prom & sporting one of my fascinators!

O'course, that means I need to have items to sell. Which means that I'm going to be a crafting junkie! I have already laid out fascinators and smaller feather clips that just need to be assembled, as well as a slew of images for my eyeglass lens pendants.

I also need to take measurements of my vintage clothes and do a bit of research to list the items accurately. I would really love to find a simple dressmaker form and stand in order to photograph the items. So much to do, so much to do...but I'm excited...I've always wanted to do something like this.
Source: Google Images

Side-note: Finally got a call from Half-of-Half. I'll be reporting to duty starting Wednesday. I had pretty much given up on the idea of a summer gig, but at least now I'll have more funds to spend in Spain. I see it more as capital, since I'll totally be hitting up the flea markets...who knows what vintage goodies I might discover!
I just hope that working doesn't interfere too much with my other plans. It's been refreshing to be able to go out and do stuff before 9pm...but again, me needs the monies real baddd!

Everything will work out. I hope.

Riverfest begins tomorrow and I've already bought my button. Man, the last day better not get rained out like last year! I'll try and remember to bring Cammy Jr. to document the festivities and whatnot.

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