Friday Nights are for Dancin'

 Here's another dress from my TJ Maxx mini "shopping-spree."
Only, this one isn't nearly as short as the previous one.
Anyways, I wore this last Friday to the 3-year anniversary of Cool Shoes.
It's a monthly dance party here in Little Rock.
It's interesting to see what some people choose to wear to these things.
Most times, "interesting" is simply a euphemism. 
I'll just leave it at that.

Dress, TJ Maxx// Oxfords & Belt, Goodwill//Earrings, Samson's Bean
 Okay, I swear I'm not a giant. I guess it's the camera angle. Or maybe it's the couch.
Anyways, I danced my little heart out and paid dearly for it the next day. And the day after that.
I raged way too hard that night. I feel old. Or out of shape.

I'm pretty much recovered now. Just in time for the next Cool Shoes!
Kidding...I don't have the faintest idea when the next one will take place.

Until next time, ♥.

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