Snow Dazed.

 What's up with the recent lack of posts? What's up with that snarl? Hey. what's all that white stuff?
Silly little me went to my parents for Sunday breakfast and failed to pack anything, including my netbook.
The weatherman was actually right for once.
It was only about five inches, but it snowed! It really, truly snowed!
I was holed up, watching tv, receiving the occasional visit. Cabin fever, anyone?
Here I am attempting to free my poor car so I can venture out for some fun elsewhere.
I bundled up with what I could find in my sister's closet. Nothing fancy, simply warm.
I defied the (un)daunting roads so I could find myself once again with The Boy.
We trekked across the frozen tundra--ahem, golf course--looking for adventure.
Actually, I couldn't be that adventurous because I was clutching onto my dear DSLR, Cammy.
I didn't even take that many photographs! Shame on me.
The boy. 
He's all sorts of wonderful!
And we'll just leave it at that. For now.

Until next time, ♥.

Honor  – (January 12, 2011 at 11:52 AM)  

We had all of our snow before Christmas, I doubt we're gonna get anymore :(

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