Ikat Spatula Beginnings

 The weather was deceptive this past weekend. 
It tricked me into thinking that the lovely Spring-like temperatures would continue into this week. 
Nope, not at all. Not even slightly. I was freezing today. Silly ol' me!
A few alterations will have to be made before my 4:30pm class this evening.

High-waisted jeans, Savers//Oxfords, Goodwill//Floral Swimsuit, Savers//
Cardigan, Savers//Beanie, Burlington Coat Factory
 My jeans are covered in sawdust and I probably reek of burnt wood. 
And what do I have to show for it? A spatula. Yes, a spatula. I made it!
Actually, it's still a work in process...but I figured I'd show it off instead of changing out my jeans.

 I decided not to get creative with the spatula's form, seeking to focus more on its embellishments.
I kind of wish I had decided to get creative with the form. I forget that I'm no good at drawing.
Anyways, I was inspired by a diamond Ikat design, which I then burned into the wood.
Next class, I'll probably paint it and try not to ruin the burnt aspect.

 Oh hey, this spatula also doubles as a prop!
A prop for making funny faces.

Looking up towards the Spatula gods, hoping for a successful finished product!

Until next time, ♥.

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