Party Time.

 Ode to a Party Hat
I see you there, sitting atop the mind-numbing tube box.
You beckon me to experiment. You yearn to be photographed.
I give in. The purple printed tights demand it.
It's party time.

Can I get a finger snap?
 Oh, for the love of random props lying around the living room!
Somehow making things less awkward because I know a roomie might walk out any second.
I mean, you can't judge anyone in a party hat! You'd just be a party-pooper.
And no one likes a party-pooper.
Psycho-babbling courtesy of chronic sleep deprivation.
->Vintage Slate Sweatshirt, Goodwill
->Hemmed Black Skirt, Savers/DIY
->Gold Clothespin Necklace, Hidden Treasures Antique Mall
->Silk Painting Scarf worn as Headwrap, Estate Sale
->Purple Printed Tights, Urban Outfitters via Sav-a-Bundle
->Black Ankle Booties, Goodwill
->Silver Party Hat, Origins Unknown & Unquestioned

Until next time, ♥.

SuziG  – (November 20, 2010 at 8:46 PM)  

That's not an ode. But it's okay; I know Chileans don't have that whole literacy thing down yet.

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