A Goatranda is Born

I probably haven't touched these watercolors since my senior year of high school. 

So, why the sudden urge to paint? Well, let's just say I was inspired:
Yes, that was a Facebook thread. 
And yes, I blurred people's names and faces (and inappropriate language) to protect their identities
...because I'm nice...and not exactly looking to be sued.

I had a fairly crude drawing that very night. Later, it was scanned and cleaned up and then printed on this awesome banana paper that I had on hand. This weekend I put myself to work to bring this bad boy to life!

Okay, so I'm no Turner when it comes to watercolors, but hey! He turned out "kinda krute."
This Goatranda is the product of inside jokes and Facebook statuses and imaginations that have run wild.

Anyways, I framed him for an unexpected birthday gift. 
My friend's happy noises and mumbling upon receipt let me know that he likes it.
And really? That's all that matters.

Until next time, ♥.

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