By no means am I a regular coffee-drinker, but my readings this semester tend to lull me to sleep.
I wanted a substantial mug, and awesome one that didn't need constant refills.
I saw this one at my parent's house before moving back in and had to have it.
When I asked, my mom sounded hesitant and I quickly gave up...
I didn't want to be the one to break some family heirloom.
Really, I didn't want a careless roommate or guest breaking it.

This cup is beastly. This cup is special. 
This cup belonged to my grandfather.
Just thinking about it makes me giggle. I feel like such a badass when I drink from it.
It just sat in the cupboard, put out of use.
Now it resides happily with me, allowing me to stay somewhat coherent.

Oi! Left over yums from Friday...I think they're all gone now, only to be replaced by CUPCAKES.
Why must my roomie tempt me so?

I wore this on Saturday. It's my first attempt at wearing leggings as pants. Comfy, casual, yet "artsy"...
perfect for a day spent scouring Salvation Army, the Arkansas Art Center, and the Central Library.
I felt so accomplished by the end of it all. I should do that more often.
->Light Blue Men's Oxford: Wolfe Street
->Patterned Leggings: ZARA
->Leopard Print Flats: H&M
->Feather Earrings: DIY

Until next time, ♥.

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