Home Sweet Home

Well, I actually got back on Saturday around 8pm. Sunday was spent hanging out with a good friend of mine and passing out around midnight. Now that I'm back, I still need to update my blog. I'm finding it difficult, but I will persevere. 
Luckily, I have a lot in mind for August. A lot.
There are crafts to be made. Alterations to be done. Lollapalooza this weekend.
Plans for a garage sale. Movin' back in on the 13th. About to begin my second year of college.
I will be straight hustlin'!

Oh, and I'm set on not buying any clothes this month. I'm not even going to walk into any of my haunts. 
I have too much of a hard time resisting temptation, so I won't even bother.
 I will use what I have. Alter. Mix. Think.
It will force me to get creative. It will help me recover from my Spanish expenditures. 
This should be fun.

Until next time, ♥.

Meream  – (August 4, 2010 at 11:47 PM)  

Are your friends checking out what you wore? Very cute. :)

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