Entering the Windy City

Crappy Cell-Phone Photo: Cityscape

We began our journey at freakin' 5:30am! Well, honestly I shouldn't complain considering my friend Page drove the entire 11 hours. I did my best to stay awake and keep her company. The ride was accompanied by a slew of mixed CDs that were made on the fly the night before. We eventually found our hotel and trekked over to Grant Park to retrieve our wristbands. 
Said wristband will be my most important accessory this week!

Crappy Cell-Phone Photo: My wristband!

No outfit photos today. No one needs to see that extent of groadiness. The photos my friends took of me will make their way to the Facebooks in due time, no need to rush. On our way back, we stopped by fashion favorites H&M, Urban Outfitters, and Anthropologie. Walking through the isles, I couldn't help but drool. However, I kept true to my word and didn't buy a single thing. (Though, I might have to make an exception for a Lolla shirt, I just have to make sure I have enough money to eat!!!) 
I did snap some photos of the mannequins (even if I did get strange looks from the store clerks) and I snagged the latest catalog from UO. So much inspiration! So many of the outfits can be easily copied using thrifted finds (or what is already in my closet) for a fraction of the cost!

Lolla kicks off tomorrow. I'll try and coerce a friend to snap an outfit photo before I get too nasty. Though, I must say, the weather here is divine! Such a relief to get away from Arkansas' humidity.

Until next time, ♥.

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