Dainty Feathers

School's back in session and with it, the return of long hours spent reading/studying/procrastinating.
I feel bad about neglecting the blog, but honestly...there isn't a whole lot to say. 
I could do outfit posts, but this heats sucks all the creativity out of me...leaving me wearing some pretty "blah" outfits. 
Autumn can't get here any quicker! 
And, the shopping ban is still in effect (though I'm tempted to thrift for shorts...I NEED THEM!)
I did have the garage sale last weekend and I am proud to report that I finally have some financial stability in my life. The night before the sale was spent pricing items, but I did stop to make some small crafts. I knew I couldn't sell my headbands, but I thought these smaller feather hairpins could sell. I whipped up five (photographed none!) and sold two the following day. I sold them for five bucks a pop.

I've been planning to make these for a while now, but just never got around to it. 
They weren't very difficult to make once I figured out a system that didn't leave the whole thing a sticky, unwearable mess.

Each one was placed on half an index card, a modest presentation tactic.

And, of course, I kept one for myself. 
They're not too fussy, yet they add a nice touch to any outfit.

I recently remembered the existence of this necklace and how much I adore it.
So naturally, I've worn it everyday. The little clothespin works! 

Oh hey there, crappy mirror shot.
My little feathers make it appear as though I have a wicked cowlick. Nice.
Check out the Lollapalooza garb!

Until next time, ♥.

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