Flamenco Dancers at the Teatro Calatrava

Due to a lack of a cellular device, I've resorted to meeting up with people under the clock in the Plaza Mayor. Typically, there are a couple of club/bar promoters trolling the Plaza doing their best to entice the exchange students to visit their venue with free shots and whatnot. Last night, Porntip was approached by a different kind of promoter. This one was advertising a Flamenco performance at a nearby theater for 7 euros. We jumped at the chance. Seeing a Flamenco performance just happened to be on our list of things to do!
The flyer itself had a really awful map but somehow we managed to find it, although we were a tad late. Due to being late, we had to sit towards the back of the house. However, this did not discourage me from snapping a few pictures here and there throughout the performance.
There is just something about the Flamenco music and dancing that is just so riveting. It seriously gave me some goosebumps. The singing tends to quake and break, just adding to the emotion. It also makes me think of gypsies...and, who doesn't like gypsies?! (Besides Hitler, o'course) 
Also, it reminded me of the last scene on Toy Story 3, after the credits finished rolling, when Buzz and Jessie danced to Gipsy Kings!

For Your Viewing Pleasure: Feelin' Like a Pirate
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Kid's Denim Jacket, Thrifted
Paisley Headscarf, Thrifted
Black Gladiators, TJ Maxx
Fat Man Portrait Eyeglass Lens Necklace, DIY by Me

Now I'm off to sing some karaoke! Until next time. ♥

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