Blue Genie Art Bazaar

 While I was in Austin, I was able to hit up the Blue Genie Art Bazaar with all of their awesome vendors, 
vendors that targeted a younger (hipper?) demographic.

Needless to say, I wish I had the means for a more lucrative spending habit
...but these pictures will have to suffice. 
 I was pleased by the various jewelry vendors, but I'm always enamored by anything vintage inspired.
I saw plenty of "reworked" or "upcycled" works, which gave me tons of inspiration for future projects.
It also gave me plenty of more reasons to buy the grab-bags of broken costume jewelry I occasionally come across in my thrifting haunts, not that I necessarily needed another reason to spend my money.

 These mounted doll heads mixed just the right amount of creepy and cute. I remember overhearing a father explaining to his young child that the doll's bodies were on the other side of the wall. Precious!

 Of course, I couldn't resist photographing these feather fascinator hairpieces. 
You can also catch a glimpse of my messy headscarf in the mirror. 
It was a rushed morning!

 These encaustic pieces were simply amazing, incorporating old photographs with actual butterfly wings! 
Absolutely incredible. 
The booth itself was also very nicely put together.

Of course, being the person that I am, I couldn't leave empty-handed. I bought my mom a yummy bar of oatmeal and lavender artisan soap and this cute woodgrain print lunchbag for myself.
I mean, they're practical things! I'm not at fault.

Until next time, ♥.

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