Sun Hotel & Sick/Sea at SHFL

Last night I managed to convince myself to go out.
Pulling up in my car, I realized that hardly anyone was there.
I almost went home. Luckily, I decided to stay.
I was there to see Sun Hotel for the second time. They're an awesome band from Louisiana.
Listening, I became entranced in their post-rock melodies.
They remind me of an Explosions in the Sky...with lyrics.

Sick/Sea opened for them. At first, I was the only one down in the basement that wasn't in one of the bands. 
I guess that's just what happens here in Little Rock when you schedule bands on Hump Day.
Anyways, they're fantastic...reigning from Texas...this is their first week of their first ever tour.
During their set, they made a quick plea for a place to crash for the night. 
Of course, this tugged at my heart strings so that's where they are now. Still sleeping in my living room.
We all ate ice cream last night before going to bed because we are adults and we can make those choices.

Anyways, despite the embarrassingly low attendance at Super Happy Fun Land
I've made some new friends and went on a limb to do something new. 
Ah, full of interesting opportunities!

Mind you, I'm not a music critic...but both bands are wonderful.
So, you can just see for yourself.
Check out Sun Hotel here and here.
Check out Sick/Sea here and here.

Heard any good bands lately? 
Until next time, ♥.

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