The Outfit I Forgot About

Cream Lace Dress, XXI//Boy's Blazer, My Favorite Thrift Store//Kilty Oxfords, ChicasVintage
Fawn Brooch, Carrie's Fleamarket// Earrings, Target// Watercolor Headscarf, Estate Sale
 Just before my unexpected hiatus from the cybersphere, I took some outfit photos.
These are the last outfit photos to be taken in my apartment.
I bought the dress during a moment of weakness when I was trying to find the boy a striped shirt.
It's cute, but incredibly short. Thus, bike shorts underneath are always in order.

 Though I lived with three others, I was the only one that ever bought fresh fruit on a regular basis.
That reminds that I've got table and chairs, I ought to buy groceries.
I've been on a serious mooching spree! It's kind of pathetic.

I guess I'll spend my day trying to get my place together.
Or doing some stuff for work.
But first! A shower.

Until next time, ♥.

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