A smART Recap

 Here are some snap shots from last week's smART show held at UALR.
All of the pieces were donated by students, faculty, or alum of the university.
For every 5 pieces donated, the artist could have one showcase piece.

Awesome, awesome silk screened tees by Erin Lea Lorenzen.
A little birdie told me that they can be found locally at Box Turtle.

Tons of prints, drawings, photographs, and other pieces were up for grabs.
At 20 bucks or less a pop, people were lined up ready to snatch up their finds before we even started!

I left that evening with a few pieces to call my own.
I mean, I need to spruce up the new diggs! 

The future roomie, manning the table where money and art exchanged hands.
Also the perfect place for some shameless self-promotion!

Speaking of shameless self-promotion, I did some of my own...but I'm sure you couldn't notice, right?!
My pieces shared space with cute earrings by Carrie Crocker, a very talented classmate of mine.

All of the proceeds raised went towards Our House, a local shelter for the working homeless.
Opening night raised about $1,000...$200ish raised from Mia Hall's (my hero) donated piece for the prize drawing (which I personally spent 50 bucks in tickets...and no, I didn't win it...sad day).
All in all, the final total was well over $2,000...more than double what we made last year!

Until next time, ♥.

Jo  – (April 15, 2011 at 2:08 AM)  

It looks like such fun! And glad you were able to get things for yourself too!


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