Etsy Shop Update: Feelin' Like An Ugly Step-Sister

So it's officially day 2 of the snowpocalypse. 
I've made good use of my time to list some things in the shop.

I absolutely love thrifting. I love finding merch for Samson's Bean or my Etsy shop.
But there are some rare occasions when I am incredibly heart-broken because of my big feet.
This week I'm listing a slew of ridiculously awesome shoes that I would hoard to myself if they would only fit. (Technically, I guess I did hoard those oxfords...perhaps I was hoping for a miracle?)
So have at it, my smaller-footed ladies! I can't bear looking at them knowing that they'll never fit me.

Be sure to add my shop to your favorites so you can snatch these up as soon as I list them!
Man, I can't help but feel like one of Cinderella's ugly step-sisters. 
You know, when they're trying to smush their feet into the tiny and beautiful glass slipper. 

Until next time, ♥.

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