Samson's Bean Booth Update: Introducing the Craft

 Despite the lack of posts lately, I still manage to get my stuff done out in the real world.
I don't have a single class on Fridays, so I do my best to be productive and wake up before noon.
I haven't done much thrifting lately, mostly because I have a closet full of pretty dresses waiting to be hemmed. (BLIMEY) I'm tempted to go out and thrift, but I really don't need to, le sigh.

Can you see that SPLAT purse? It's another experiment in nail polish painting.
I think I have a technique now involving layers of paint pen and nail polish.
This time I went for a "Pop-art" comic theme. 
Next, I have a pretty taupe clutch that I want to incorporate a simple skeleton key design.
Any ideas of what might look fun on a purse? I'm totally open to suggestions! 
 When Mango and I first discussed our plans for Samson's Bean, we had a vision that involved not only hand-picked vintage, but also quality handmade accessories. I have yet to really crank out any DIY goods, but we have started carrying these lovely handknit goods by our friend Samantha. Hopefully in the future we can set up similar exchanges with other talented craftsters in our area!

 We never let our bald lovelies go bare, they stay in style no matter what!

 My first batch of Etsy listings expired, with the majority of them now taking residence in the booth.

Aren't these just wonderful?! I need to grab one for myself before they all get purchased.
Nowadays, I'm practically living in cozy knit hats. Remember, I'm lazy...and cold.

Until next time, ♥.

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