Sketchbook Diaries

Waaaaaay back in October I talked about how my high school art teacher had given back my sketchbooks from my junior and senior years of IB Visual Arts. I even showed teaser photos, promising to produce actual scans in the future. Well, it's December and here you go. Finally.
(A malfunctioning scanner/cable prevented me from doing this sooner!)

 This is a process we dubbed "never dull." 
Basically, you take regular old white Elmer's glue and use it to mark off parts from a glossy magazine page.
After a day or so of drying, you take Never Dull (found in the automotive section) 
and rub the saturated cotton from the can all over until the desired affect is achieved.
The page was a jewelry advertisement in Vogue, I believe.

I decided to take it one step further and played around with chalk pastels to recreate the look.
At the time, I swore I was only decent using chalk pastels as my medium.
Meh, it's fun to see how I progressed over the course of two years. More scans next week!

Until next time, ♥.

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