Burned Out.

Finals week is well underway, which would explain why my attempts at outfit posts have been thwarted. 
Anywhooo, here's a lil' sumfin sumfin that I've been working on for my 3D class.
It seriously took me over 6 hours. I blame all of the miniatures!

 The project is based on the works by American assemblage sculptor Joseph Cornell.
I chose the rather strange and morbid theme of Spontaneous Human Combustion.

 Materials were sourced from all of my favorite thrift haunts as well as my junky craft stash.
I admit the chair looks a little wonky, but I was getting really tired and apathetic.

 I made the vase from a plastic cap I stole from one of my little sister's bottles of body mist.
Wrapped in hemp and sitting atop a periwinkle button, its flowers are beads and feathers from my collection of crafting nonsense. I knew there was I reason why I hoard knickknacks.

 Barbie's limbs were sliced off a la Dexter and charred over an open flame. Speaking of flames, I almost set my family's kitchen on fire creating my "charred remains." We won't discuss that I was standing right next to the sink. 
(I was too captivated by the leaping flames, does this make me a pyro?!)

Though I chose this topic for it morbidity and potential for controversy, I began to relate to my charred specimen. 
It has been a rough semester, both academically and personally.
However, I've done my best to maintain my positive outlook.
I hope my placing of her charred limbs reflect that.

The madness of this semester will officially be over tomorrow at noon!
Until next time, ♥.

Meream  – (December 10, 2010 at 1:40 AM)  

That is awesome! The wallpaper, the pose of the doll, the burnt parts, the animal print chair, the composition!

I'd give that an A+ if I were your teacher.

Jennifer  – (December 11, 2010 at 9:40 PM)  

this project is awesome and slightly grotesque with the doll body parts and all the gothic lace...I really like it.

worn fashion journal  – (December 14, 2010 at 12:46 PM)  

This is so eerie, I love it. The detailing is incredible, I believe that it took you 6 hours!
the project kind of reminds me of the doll games, which is a project by Shelly Jackson. You should check it out!

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